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Expert Witness Testimony

Sometimes bad things happen to good and honest electricians. Why is it that when ever a house or building catches on fire, people say it's an electrical fire. Why do electricians get a bad wrap on this? If you get that terrible phone call informing you that a house or building that you did electrical work on was involved in a fire investigation of even worse than that, feel free to fill out the quick form below so we can schedule a time speak in complete confidence. My initial consulting fee to discuss the case is very reasonable and at the end of our discussion, I will give you my best advise and a Master Licensed Electrician and as a Triple Certified I.A.E.I. Electrical Inspector. If your case is not something that I can help you with, I can give you the names and phone numbers of other Expert Witnesses that may be able to help you. I have decided that I will only help the Electrician in a court case on the defense side, I will not accept court cases that are against my fellow electricians from the prosecution side.

Please fill out this quick form below and I will call you to discuss the case and to see if I can help you.

Thank you
Steve Kavallaris


Thanks for submitting your inquiry on our Expert Witness Testimony Services, we will call you by the next business day to discuss.

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